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Sharks Terrify Swimmers!!! Fort Lauderdale Beach

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Shark attack waiting to happen? Probably,

Mullet Run Tip: 5 Gallon Bucket

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Captain Jeff gives a quick tip on the importance of having a well working 5 gallon bucket for the mullet

How Big is This Bonefish? Florida or Bahamas?

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FACEBOOK Guess how much this Bonefish weighs? Leave your answer in the comments and also

Custom Fishing Boat Sneak Peek Zinndog Abaco Trip

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New FACEBOOK APP so you dont miss a video Be sure to SUB the

Captain Jeff Fishing Show

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Captain Jeff calls in re-enforcement and gets Big Fish Brian to stop the spot stealing.

CAPTAIN JEFF SHOW FISHING BLOG – Lost Snook Fishing Interviews #1

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter SEASON ONE out takes and extended

Monster Swordfish! Bertram 31 Captain Jeff Maggio

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Captain Jeff gets his brother John a monster Swordfish in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I dont have any other information.


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(SEASON ONE EPISODE 2) Freshwater Robs big day, homeboy gets serious congrats, but fails to get it on video.

Surfing Shark Infested Waters

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WATCH me catch the SHARK Storm waves bring out all the surfers, and this happens

31 Bertram fishing machine rebuild overhaul

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BOATRAMP REPORT - Captain Jeffs new 31ft Bertram. Customized and redone.

Funny Dan Lebatard PTI Parody

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Dan Lebatard parody of espn pti limited fake wanstache dave wannstadt and limited fake dan lebatard with limited fake tony

Inshore Live Bait Fishing On The Beach Mullet Run

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Captain Jeff

Learn How To Throw A Cast Net

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Friend on Facebook Follow on Twitter Better Duck

Win RTD Stickers and More

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Start here

Spring Mullet Run – Tarpon Fishing

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Facebook Springtime is here. Captain Jeff talks about wind, mullet and snatch hooks. Fishing with

Easy Throw Cast Net Video – Capt Jeff Lunkerdog

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Share This Video - Facebook Twitter Easy Throw

Swordfish On The Zinndog – Lunkerdog

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Captain Jeff getting some guys on a Swordfish on the Zinndog a 46 foot custom build Wesmac. INSTAGRAM

Are You Ready For Happy Bait

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Bait is Coming! SUBSCRIBE

Snook Fishing Live Bait Mullet Beach

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Like The Mullet Run On Facebook Captain Jeff Maggio aka The Lunkerdog Steve takes

Urban River Tarpon Fishing with Hogleg Mullet – Lunkerdog

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Captain Jeff and world famous Mitchell Vitale trolling mullet up the river in Florida.MONSTER SNOOK FISHING<a href=""

Epic Family Tarpon Snook Fishing Trip – Lunkerdog

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Action packed afternoon Snook and Tarpon Fishing with this family INSTAGRAM TWITTER Early summer and

Lunkerdog speaks to the SAIL Fishing Club

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The SAIL Fishing Club invited Captain Jeff to speak at one of their meeting, the following video is a recording

Tarpon Action | Captain Jeff RUN THAT DOG

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Captain Jeff Maggio and Website Mike land a nice tarpon in January in Fort Lauderdale. Who else is fishing like

Miami Beach Tarpon Action – Shrimp Life

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Big Beach Tarpon caught on a Soul ShrimpRUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comINSTAGRAM

Ultimate Night Snook with Spooltek Lure

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Night Snook fishing with Captain David Justice and his Spooltek Lure.RUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comTWITTER <a

Winter Tarpon Fishing

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Winter Tarpon Fishing Florida - All Year Action INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK <a

Funny Fishing Sketch! Busted Stealing Spots

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Spot Stealing is one of the biggest problems in the nation and you hear nothing about it on the mainstream

Big Tuna Fishing with Captain Jeff

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FaceBook Captain Jeff puts Fran and the boys onto a nice Tuna. /> Boat Channel Twitter Stalk Capt...

Fishing Report Captain Jeff Show Bill Dance Saltwater Series News

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January fishing report. Captain Jeff talks about being on Bill Dances new


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How Reel Guy Are You? Make a "I'm So Reel Guy" video, upload it to YouTube and share it with

RTD Stickers

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Jeff mails out the first batch of RTD stickers JEFF TWITTER

Exotic Fishing – Ultimate Ribbon Fish Challenge

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Elusive Atlantic Ribbon Fish. Captain Jeff and his crew hunt the elusive Ribbon fish in Port Everglades. Using mullet as

Big Snook Fishing Night Time Live Bait

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Monster Night Snook Fishing with Captain Jeff. Catching big snook at night on live bait. Sporting 12lb class tackle makes

Expensive Fishing Gear Is For Losers

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Update Mid May. Tarpon

Jet Pack Crash Landing At Boat Ramp

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Jet Pack Crash Landing. Boat Ramp Wipe Out INSTAGRAM TWITTER Its always something happening down

Funny Fishing Comedy. Guy selling bait spots.

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Ricky tries to sell bait maps for 500 dollars

Fishing Tip Walking The Dog Top Water Plug

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Captain Jeff gives a few plug tossing tips. Walking the dog with a Top water plug.


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Snook Fishing with Captain Jeff


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Stop stealing fishing spots from photos and videos!

Deadly River Barracuda with Mitchell

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A Fishing Trip

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Looking for Sheepshead bait with Michael Wallace

My YouTube Story – Captain Jeff

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Part of YouTubes's 5th Year Celebration Gallery MY YOU TUBE. Jeff talks about the first fishing videos he did,


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Like On Facebook Follow on Twitter Google Plus /> Boatramp Boys and Captain Jeff highlight video for 2006. Monster fish...

Big Tarpon Fishing Fort Lauderdale Series

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Captain Jeff uses the Hogleg bait. Big tarpon are playing with the big baits, but they are not eating them.

Big Snook Fishing Challenge

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Snook fishing off the seawall at Tarpon Bend on the New River in Fort Lauderdale. Fresh water Rob challenged Jeff

Fishing Reel Review: They All Suck

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Field Test: Kodak Zi8 video recorder at 720p. Captain Jeff talks about all of his fishing reels that no longer

Tarpon Fishing Spot Stealing 2 Strokers

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Captain Jeff and the Boatramp Boy's Legendary fishing reports. In this webisode, Captain Jeff confronts Matt about creeping spots. The

Extreme Bait Casting Technique 300% Longer Casting

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FULL EPISODE Big Snook Fishing Social Network Twitter rel="nofollow"> To get the big fish you have got to get your...

Fin-Nor Ahab Unboxing

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Captain Jeff unboxes his new Fin-Nor Ahab 12lb spinning reel from Cabelas. This is an ongoing series looking for a

Coach Mike Gundy Mad Weatherman Parody OSU

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WINNER!!! 2007 College Football Blogger Awards - Best You Tube. Limited Fake Mike Gundy goes after the weather media for

Tim Wade Cast Net Unboxing

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Jeff got 2 new nets from Time Wade RUN THAT DOG FACEBOOK Tim Wade makes

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Monster Jack Fishing Inshore Live Bait

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Jack

1,000,000 Views! No TV show No Sponsors. All You! Thanks.

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You guys did it. 1,000,000 views! 1,000,000 views. No TV show, no Network, no Sponsors! Thanks to everybody that watched

Guy Harvey Outpost – Bonfire Tournament Series Promo Stand Up

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How To Hook A Mullet The Right Way

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FACEBOOK Captain Jeff shows how to lip Hook a mullet with a circle hook. The

INTENSE Blue Marlin FIGHT (Fort Lauderdale)

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Facebook The Peanut Farmers gets a Marlin in Ft Lauderdale on the recently rebuilt 1968

Monster SHARK Attacks Goliath Snook FISHING EPIC FAIL!

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Facebook Twitter Bursaman fills in for vacationing Captain Jeff. Brad's Goliath

Snook Guide Jeff Maggio Talks About Circle Hooks

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Captain Jeff schools Freshwater Rob on fishing for lunker snooks and abuses him on how bad Robs gear sucks. /> Still cant get bait? You better get down with the Mullet Run on YouTube

Get More Water Time with Captain Jeff Fishing Videos

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Stuck in an office? Get more Water Time with Captain Jeff

New Easy Method Cast Net Video

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Like THE MULLET RUN On Facebook Captain Jeff The Lunkerdog does another demonstration on how

Monster TARPON FISHING Fort Lauderdale 100lb Plus Monster Fish

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Like On Facebook Follow on Twitter Google Plus target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Over 100 Snook and Tarpon Videos...

2006 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Highlights

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The BOATRAMP BOYS show up at the 2006 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Bursaman drinks beer and cuts the bathroom

Live Bait Fishing South Florida

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Captain Jeff quits fishing Fort Lauderdale because of the filth and the spot creepers. Dave McKenzie and Jeff struggle to

Best Tarpon and Snook fishing Fort Lauderdale Happy Bait

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Like On Facebook Follow on Twitter Google Plus />Snook fishing highlights of the 2008 Mullet Run. Captain Jeff and Drew ...

Captain Jeff Lunker Report April 2014

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Fishing has really been hit or miss for the most part this spring, and hardly any consistancies. Tarpon have been

Jeff Maggio and Bill Dance Promo

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FACEBOOK Captain Jeff and Bill Dance fish for Tarpon on Mr. Dance's Saltwater show on

Castnet Throw Best Technique Ever

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Twitter Facebook Live Bait fishing is all about

Wicked Tuna Fishing Fort Lauderdale

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Captain Jeff and Drew "The Real Guy" head offshore to catch the afternoon Wicked Tuna session. Small Tuna. Trolled Ballyhoo

Miami Ink Chris Nunez catches Monster Snook!

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Captain Jeff has to go to the streets for it. Scarface style is just for entertainent, nothing shady went

Big Snook Fishing Florida Captain Jeff Maggio

1.61K Views0 Comments Captain Jeff Maggio Big snook fishing off of the beach in Fort Lauderdale. Circa 2005. /> Bait: Mullet

Tarpon Jumps in Boat

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Snook Fishing Tip Live Bait Pilchard

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Like On Facebook Follow on Twitter Google Plus /> You want to catch Snook off the beach and are tired of using plugs? T...

Shrimp Run Tarpon with REAL SHRIMP – Lunkerdog

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Tarpon fishing the shrimp run in Miami April 2015

Catch Bigger Fish By Using Bigger Baits

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Small Tarpon hooked by a client infront of the 17th St Causeway Bridge in Fort Lauderdale HUGE FISH ON

Funny Fishing | Barracuda Jumps in Boat!

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Follow on Twitter Friend on Facebook A Barracuda

INSANE Beach Shark Fishing

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TWITTER FACEBOOK Debate is on at the forums over what kind

Giant Barracuda Monster Tarpon On Mullet

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Crazy downtown urban inshore fishing. Captain Jeff works all the classic spots along the new River in Fort Lauderdale. Bog

Captian Jeff Black Marlin Fishing Trip

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Follow on Twitter Facebook Help us make more videos! ►Comment />►Like ►Favorite ► Share on your Social Networks Captain Jeff Black Marlin f...

30 Fishing Guides, one Ramp

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Office Depot hired 30 Guides for the their Corporate Executives, Jeff was included in that cattle call.

CFB Award Best Video Acceptance Speech

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Very moving acceptance speech for Best Youtube Video for 2007 by the College Football Bloggers.

You Have To Catch Your Own Bait

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By now you should know how to throw a net and see bait in the water. Captain Jeff gives pointers

Crazy Live Fishing Report Party

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Captain Jeff - Captain Jeff Live Ustream from 4/26/2010 The Lunker Report Live at

Awesome Beach Snook Fishing

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Featured Reel Guy – WALLACE

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Wallace is a reel guy, that gets dozens. Thats what reel guys do. They get dozens.

Live Bait Sailfish Fishing Fort Lauderdale

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Drew and Captain Jeff gear up to get bait, and last weeks report.

How Big Is This Snook? Seriously.

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Follow on Twitter Facebook Google+ This

Amazing Underwater Bait Ball – Pilchard School

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Jeff's NEW Cameraman. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS! CIRCLE ME? Friend on Facebook rel="nofollow"> 2011 Anual Bait Migration highlight Music Firma...

Capt Jeff Show – Rickys Back at the Ramp

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Ricky the rivertard is back at the ramp. Sketch Comedy / Fishing Report

Inshore Jack Fishing

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Winter Inshore Jack FishingRUN THAT DOG

Fishing Tip: In House Live Shrimp

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Fishing Tip: When the bait store has a really nice batch of live Shrimp, go ahead and get a dozen

Extreme Tarpon Fishing

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FACEBOOK How well do you think you know fishing? Well lets see how close you can

Tarpon Fishing Canals

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The Captain Jeff show. Capt Jeff talks about the correct way to feed a fish, to tie a spider hitch

Big Sailfish Fishing Captain Jeff

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Big Sailfish off of Fort Lauderdale Florida

Exclusive: Cast Net Video For Pilchards

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Got Bait? Best technique for netting pilchards with a cast net.

Thats not Oil! Its Bait!!!

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Nice pod of bait off a Fort Lauderdale beach. Captain Jeff is on vacation

Exclusive: Custom Wahoo Rigs Lunkerdog Style

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Facebook Page Jeff stops by the Shark Bite to show off his Lunkerdog

Rod Breaking Monster Fish

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Facebook Behind the Scenes Follow on Twitter /> Think you know how much this fish weighs? Enter your guess into the comments below the video....

Winter Tarpon Fishing Fort Pierce Florida

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INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK Paradise. Captain Jeff's charter

Big Snapper Fishing Florida

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Follow on Twitter Facebook Page Cold front kept