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Better Duck Piece about typical castnet conversation. Everybody wants to throw the net but nobody wants to talk about getting bait. Dont concentrate on the castnet or you will miss all the heavenly bait. Bruce Lee said that.

If you watch all the fishing videos. Jeff throws the net in almost all of them. All without the horrible cameraman bastard that shot the Castnet Style video. Learning to throw the castnet is no big deal Thats what YouTube is for. There are better teachers and cameramans out there. We get bait. It was we do.

Boat Ramp Report Luche Libre Style. The Captain Jeff Show on Youtube. Snook and Tarpon fishing, cast net throwing Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Mullet Channel

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Its easy to fish with Captain Jeff. You just got to

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The Freshest fishing videos on the Web.


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