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Tarpon Action | Captain Jeff RUN THAT DOG

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Captain Jeff Maggio and Website Mike land a nice tarpon in January in Fort Lauderdale. Who else is fishing like

Inshore Secrets of Tarpon Fishing Revealed

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Secret Tarpon Hook used by successful fisherman for years revealed for the first time on live video. Captain Jeff

Fishing Bait Secret Caught On Video!

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Happy Bait. Highlights from

Extreme Tarpon Fishing

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FACEBOOK How well do you think you know fishing? Well lets see how close you can

Winter Tarpon Fishing Miami Florida

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Charter Highlight Tarpon Fishing Miami Beach RUN THAT DOG

Win RTD Stickers and More

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Start here

East Coast West Coast Snook Wars and Sheepshead are coming

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Jeff talks about the East vs West Snook Wars on Twitter. As temperatures drop the Sheeps head move in and

Snook Fishing School – How To Happy Bait For Beginners

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Can This Be Fixed? Fishing Rod Reel Seat

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Tackle Freaks can this loose rod seat be fixed? Thanks

Big Snook Fishing – Fort Lauderdale Florida

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Big Snook fishing with live Mullet. RUN THAT DOG INSTAGRAM Winter snook can be

Monster Swordfish! Bertram 31 Captain Jeff Maggio

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Captain Jeff gets his brother John a monster Swordfish in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I dont have any other information.

Fishing Reel Review: They All Suck

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Field Test: Kodak Zi8 video recorder at 720p. Captain Jeff talks about all of his fishing reels that no longer

MARLIN Tries To JUMP In Boat! Tropic Star

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FULL EPISODE Big Snook Fishing Facebook Twitter

Amazing Underwater Bait Ball – Pilchard School

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Jeff's NEW Cameraman. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS! CIRCLE ME? Friend on Facebook rel="nofollow"> 2011 Anual Bait Migration highlight Music Firma...

Bare Handed Sailfish Grab

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Captain Jeff Grab Sailfish Bill Bare HandedRUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comFACEBOOK

Are You Serious About Fishing Bait?! – Lunkerdog

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If you are serious about catching Lunkers you are serious about bait. Respect the bait INSTAGRAM TWITTER

Watertime Studios Construction 2015 everything changes

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FIrst look at the new Watertime office and studio. Captain Jeff tries to get a construction phase walk-thru at the

Extreme Peacock Bass Fishing – BONUS Blooper Jeff eats it

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Peacock Bass Fishing with Captain Shane Procell. INSTAGRAM VINE Peacock Bass Fishing with Guide Shane

PROMO: Captain Jeff on BASS 2 BILLFISH This Week!

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Set Your DVRs Captain Jeff is this weeks guest Captain on Bass 2 Billfish on NBC Sports Outdoors. Monday 2/24

Jeff and David Justice Spooltek Fishing Artificial Lures

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Jeff and David Justice get a late afternoon Snook session to check out David's new Spooltek Snook Lure. Talk to

Big Snook Fishing Challenge

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Snook fishing off the seawall at Tarpon Bend on the New River in Fort Lauderdale. Fresh water Rob challenged Jeff

Captain Jeff Fishing Show

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Captain Jeff calls in re-enforcement and gets Big Fish Brian to stop the spot stealing.

Snook Fishing Mystery Lights

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Captain Jeff and Lamont Jones scout some lights looking to see if the snook survived the cold front. There are

Surfing Shark Infested Waters

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WATCH me catch the SHARK Storm waves bring out all the surfers, and this happens

Tarpon Fishing Inshore Rivers on LIve Mullet

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Tarpon Fishing the river with live bait after the mullet run. Captain Jeff and his clients enjoy a change of


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(SEASON ONE EPISODE 10) First season Finale of The Boat Ramp Report. Bursaman lands a serious Pacific Sailfish. FIshing Pinas

Most Annoying Types of Fishermen – Part 1 The North Easterner

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The Most Annoying types of Fishermen. This episode is about guys from the North East, New York, Boston, Maine,

What Is Salt Life – True Salt Lifer Confessions

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A former Salt Lifer spills the beans INSTAGRAM TWITTER BEACH TARPON FISHING 2014

Cooking Fish: Best Eating Snapper – Mangrove Snapper

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Captain Jeff feeds his family, the right way.

Single Mullet Cast Netting

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Some times all it takes is just one RUN THAT DOG BIG FISH ALMOST PULLS KID IN

Mullet Run Pod Close Up

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Close up of blacked out mullet run pod 2012 mullet migration. The Mullet migration is usually from August to November. INSTAGRAM


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Boatramp Boys invade the 2007 Miami International Boat Show. Bursaman drinks about 40 beers, eats food of a mega yacht,

Funny Fishing Sketch! Busted Stealing Spots

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Spot Stealing is one of the biggest problems in the nation and you hear nothing about it on the mainstream

Extreme Cast Net Throwing Skills

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FULL EPISODE Big Snook Fishing FACEBOOK Captain Jeff wants

Learn How To Throw A Cast Net

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Friend on Facebook Follow on Twitter Better Duck

February Inshore Fishing Highlights

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Slideshow selects from FebruaryRUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comFACEBOOK

Swordfish On The Zinndog – Lunkerdog

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Captain Jeff getting some guys on a Swordfish on the Zinndog a 46 foot custom build Wesmac. INSTAGRAM

Insane Neighborhood Fishing. You must see these fish!

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Serious Live Bait Circle Hooks for Fishing – Captain Jeff

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Live bait circle hooks for Snook and Tarpon. Jeff places an order for Circle Hooks and Leader for catching big

Tarpon Fishing Florida For Noobs – WaterTime

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How Captain Jeff got his 20lb Game Back

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Huge thanks to Mike Wallace for the generosity this Christmas. A class move by a class guy re-upping Jeff's 20lb

CFB Award Best Video Acceptance Speech

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Very moving acceptance speech for Best Youtube Video for 2007 by the College Football Bloggers.

Big Snook Fishing Florida Captain Jeff Maggio

1.61K Views0 Comments Captain Jeff Maggio Big snook fishing off of the beach in Fort Lauderdale. Circa 2005. /> Bait: Mullet

Keeper SNOOK Fishing with Live Bait

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Jeff catches a keeper snook on the beach. Bait: finger mullet

Shark Attack on Snook

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Circle Me? Like on Facebook Twitter Brad

Proper Snook Release

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How to release a snook the right wayRUN THAT DOG

Jeff Responds To YouTube Comments

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YouTube comments on Power Casting video

Learn To Throw A Cast Net One Handed Ninja Style

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Uncut Cast Net Throwing Form Motion Video. Captain Jeff throws another pancake using the unmatched Ninja style technique. This method

Cast Netting Bait Inshore

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Cast Netting Bait for Fishing INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK Are you serious about catching bait? Because we

How To Cast Live Bait – Hogleg Mullet Chunk

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Best Long Casting Fishing Method MORE FISHING VIDEOS Super Long casting technique for the longest live bait beach

Happy Snook Season from Captain Jeff. Seriously.

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Captain Jeff wishes everyone Happy Snook Season


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(SEASON ONE EPISODE 2) Freshwater Robs big day, homeboy gets serious congrats, but fails to get it on video.

Monster Tarpon Fishing Secret “Caught On Video”

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Join on Facebook Follow on Twitter Jeff is still convinced

Inshore Snook Fishing Fort Lauderdale Dave McKenzie

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Captain Jeff and Dave McKenzie late

How Big is This Bonefish? Florida or Bahamas?

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FACEBOOK Guess how much this Bonefish weighs? Leave your answer in the comments and also

Thanksgiving Weather Outlook

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WEBSITE http://www.runthatdog.comINSTAGRAM blowing 40! Severe rip tides, with temps dipping into

Exotic Fishing – Ultimate Ribbon Fish Challenge

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Elusive Atlantic Ribbon Fish. Captain Jeff and his crew hunt the elusive Ribbon fish in Port Everglades. Using mullet as

Reel Guy Podcast with Captain Jeff EP -1

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The Reel Guy Podcast with Captain Jeff. This is the first fishing podcast from the Watertime Studios. In this episode

Salt Life Confessions Episode 2

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True Salt Life Confessions INSTAGRAM TWITTER http:/ 2014 MULLET RUN HIGHLIGHT

Tarpon Fishing – Girl Catches Nice Tarpon – Miami Beach

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Florida Tarpon Fishing with Captain Jeff Maggio NEW INSTAGRAM TWITTER Subscribe to The Mullet Run

Inshore Snook Fishing – Live Shrimp Bait

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Kid catches his first Snook RUN THAT DOG TWITTER Light Tackle live bait snook fishing

Cast Netting Mullet For Bait

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Cast Netting for mullet from a bridge. 7 foot 1/4 inch mesh. One handed Ninja throw

How Big Is This Snook? Seriously.

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Big Sailfish Fishing Captain Jeff

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Big Sailfish off of Fort Lauderdale Florida

Monster Bruiser Jack Crevalle Fishing With Live Bait

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Like The Mullet Run Follow on Twitter />Finger mullet are everywhere, night as well put them to good use. Fort Lauderdale inlet, Las Olas bri...

Monster Jack Fishing Inshore Live Bait

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Jack

Inshore Jack Fishing

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Winter Inshore Jack FishingRUN THAT DOG

Are You Ready For Happy Bait

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Bait is Coming! SUBSCRIBE

This Guys Fishing Backpack Rules! The Backpack Fisherman

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We catch up with Backpack Fisherman Rick Rivers as he sports his fishing backpack while trout fishing in Flamingo. MONSTER TARPON

BTS Behind The Scenes 2014 Happy Bait Event

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Jeff is busy getting the event together. VINE INSTAGRAM The 2014 Happy Bait YouTube Live

Fishing Sponsors vs FIshing Endorsements

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Captain Jeff talks about fishing sponsors RUN THAT DOG INSTAGRAM There are differences between fishing


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If your bait is more important than your beer, like this video. Run that dog. More Fishing Videos

Live Bait Sailfish Fishing Fort Lauderdale

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Drew and Captain Jeff gear up to get bait, and last weeks report.

Fishing Tip Walking The Dog Top Water Plug

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Captain Jeff gives a few plug tossing tips. Walking the dog with a Top water plug.

How To Catch Snook On The Beach

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Rewind. Fort Lauderdale Beach Snook. Captain

Ultimate Night Snook with Spooltek Lure

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Night Snook fishing with Captain David Justice and his Spooltek Lure.RUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comTWITTER <a

2006 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Highlights

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The BOATRAMP BOYS show up at the 2006 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Bursaman drinks beer and cuts the bathroom

Classic Captain Jeff Vol. 2

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Full videos from 2007

Live Bait Tarpon Fishing Highlight Fort Lauderdale Florida

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Tarpon fishing really peaks in the half hour before and after sunset. I know there are alot of guys that

RTD Stickers

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Jeff mails out the first batch of RTD stickers JEFF TWITTER

Great Barracuda FIshing with Mitchell

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Sabiki Rigging

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If one Sabiki Rig doesnt work, try a different one. They got red ones, green ones, and everything else. With

Captian Jeff Black Marlin Fishing Trip

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Follow on Twitter Facebook Help us make more videos! ►Comment />►Like ►Favorite ► Share on your Social Networks Captain Jeff Black Marlin f...

Funny Fishing Comedy. Guy selling bait spots.

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Ricky tries to sell bait maps for 500 dollars

Thats not Oil! Its Bait!!!

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Nice pod of bait off a Fort Lauderdale beach. Captain Jeff is on vacation

1,000,000 Views! No TV show No Sponsors. All You! Thanks.

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You guys did it. 1,000,000 views! 1,000,000 views. No TV show, no Network, no Sponsors! Thanks to everybody that watched

Fall River Tarpon 2013

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WEBSITE http://www.runthatdog.comWe have moved on from Happy Bait, and the fish are feeding different patterns now.

You Need To Quit Fishing With Plugs And Fish With Real Bait

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Whole canal Slap Full of Hogleg Mullet. Tail end of the 2014 Fall Mullet Migration and the interior and dead

Miami Tarpon Fishing

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T-shirts in winter! Thats what Miami Tarpon fishing in February is all about. Shrimp run Tarpon fishing out of South

Sailfish Catch and Release – Fort Lauderdale Lunkerdog

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Captain Jeff leaders a nice afternoon Sailfish INSTAGRAM

This Fish Cleaning Video Is Very Well Shot

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Night Shrimp – Soul Shrimping at Night

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Huge Fish HUMBLES Fisherman! (Laugh In His Face)

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Captain Jeff

INSANE Beach Shark Fishing

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TWITTER FACEBOOK Debate is on at the forums over what kind

Crazy Fish Jumping In The Boat

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Website Mike has em literally jumping in the boat.

Ultimate Custom Sportfish Hand Built Salt Shaker Style

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Zinndog on Youtube Follow on Facebook Stalk on Twitter href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://twitter...

Fun Sized Tarpon on Live Bait

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These Little Tarpon are alot of fun to catchRUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comFACEBOOK <a href="" target="_blank"

Lunkerdog speaks to the SAIL Fishing Club

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The SAIL Fishing Club invited Captain Jeff to speak at one of their meeting, the following video is a recording

Live Bait Fishing Secrets

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Captain Jeff talks about the secret of Live Bait fishing everything from Shrimp to Hogleg Mullet. Jeff doesn't understand why

SHRIMP LIFE ALLSTARS Deep Frying – Captain Jeff

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Jeff gets his Snapper Fryer VINE INSTAGRAM DONT GO IN THE OCEAN!