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Sailfish Catch and Release – Fort Lauderdale Lunkerdog

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Captain Jeff leaders a nice afternoon Sailfish INSTAGRAM

Tarpon Fishing Inshore Canals

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Like Us On Facebook Please Follow on Twitter Urban Tarpon fishing

Live Bait Tarpon Fishing Highlight Fort Lauderdale Florida

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Tarpon fishing really peaks in the half hour before and after sunset. I know there are alot of guys that

Thanksgiving Weather Outlook

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WEBSITE http://www.runthatdog.comINSTAGRAM blowing 40! Severe rip tides, with temps dipping into

Tarpon Fishing Florida For Noobs – WaterTime

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Bare Handed Sailfish Grab

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Captain Jeff Grab Sailfish Bill Bare HandedRUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comFACEBOOK

Extreme Bait Casting Technique 300% Longer Casting

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FULL EPISODE Big Snook Fishing Social Network Twitter rel="nofollow"> To get the big fish you have got to get your...

SHRIMP LIFE ALLSTARS Deep Frying – Captain Jeff

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Jeff gets his Snapper Fryer VINE INSTAGRAM DONT GO IN THE OCEAN!

Hey Plug Guy! Start Getting Live Bait.

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Fall Bait Migration. Typical Cast Net throw filled with finger mullet. Throw the net on the outside of the schools

Fishing Secrets Revealed Using Science Words – Lunkerdog

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The Fishing Game is getting so popular. Jeff uses science to determine if the chicken and the mullet got the

Single Mullet Cast Netting

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Some times all it takes is just one RUN THAT DOG BIG FISH ALMOST PULLS KID IN

FISH GAME – Keeping Winter Bait Alive in Mega Bucket

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If you playing the Fishing Game The 100 Gallon Bait Bucket is Back. You cant be tossing good batches of

Inshore Jack Fishing

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Winter Inshore Jack FishingRUN THAT DOG

March Fishing Madness – Tarpon Report

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Fishing Report for late February and Early March 2015. Tarpon trips INSTAGRAM TWITTER rel="nofollow"> INSANE BEACH FISHING

Sheepshead Fishing With Shrimp FAIL

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Jeff and Drew struggle to catch a Sheepshead INSTAGRAM SUBSCRIBER BONUS Captain Jeff Commentary Audio Track - RIVER TARPON href="" target="_blank" rel="nof...

Fishing Gear Review – Swimming Plug

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Captain Jeff reviews real fishing gear. In this episode he reviews the bomber swimming plug. INSTAGRAM VINE href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://vi...

Wicked Tuna Fishing Fort Lauderdale

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Captain Jeff and Drew "The Real Guy" head offshore to catch the afternoon Wicked Tuna session. Small Tuna. Trolled Ballyhoo

Blacktip Shark By Catch on Mono – Lunkerdog

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Black Tip shark bi-catch fishing for Tarpon in Miami INSTAGRAM TWITTER INSANE BEACH FISHING

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Miami Tarpon Fishing

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T-shirts in winter! Thats what Miami Tarpon fishing in February is all about. Shrimp run Tarpon fishing out of South

4 Easy Steps Is All You Need To Catch Big Fish

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Follow these 4 Easy Steps to Catch Big Fish. INSTAGRAM VINE EPIC SNOOK RELEASE target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Learn How To Throw A Cast Net

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Friend on Facebook Follow on Twitter Better Duck

Captain Jeff Fishing Guide – Lunkerdog

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Join Captain Jeff on a fishing video journey through the magical waters of the New River in Fort Lauderdale INSTAGRAM


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This is not how to do successful shark fishin RUN THAT DOG FACEBOOK These guys

Snook Guide Jeff Maggio Talks About Circle Hooks

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Captain Jeff schools Freshwater Rob on fishing for lunker snooks and abuses him on how bad Robs gear sucks. /> Still cant get bait? You better get down with the Mullet Run on YouTube

Captain Jeff destroys iCAST Guys (STREET VERSION)

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Captain Jeff talks about iCast INSTAGRAM TWITTER Follow Captain Jeff on Twitter for Extreme iCasting

Fishing Fails – Pro Fisherman Gets Spooled

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Did not expect to hook this beast on 12lb mono. The temperature has dropped, the big mullet have moved on,

Are You Serious About Fishing Bait?! – Lunkerdog

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If you are serious about catching Lunkers you are serious about bait. Respect the bait INSTAGRAM TWITTER

Easiest Beach Snook Fishing CLASSIC Captain Jeff

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Snook Game Fishing. No more chicken wings! Jeff gets a keeper snook. Its hard to catch a slot snook, so

reality show sizzle reel

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This is not the show we want to make, this was a network that wanted a show and they didnt

Winter Tarpon Fishing Fort Pierce Florida

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INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK Paradise. Captain Jeff's charter

Extreme Fishing Hat Sporting

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The real truth on Fishing Hats from Captain Jeff

Big Tuna Fishing with Captain Jeff

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FaceBook Captain Jeff puts Fran and the boys onto a nice Tuna. /> Boat Channel Twitter Stalk Capt...

reality show sizzle reel

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This is not the show we want to make, this was a network that wanted a show and they didnt

Funny Dan Lebatard PTI Parody

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Dan Lebatard parody of espn pti limited fake wanstache dave wannstadt and limited fake dan lebatard with limited fake tony

Classic Guide Slideshow Snook and Tarpon Clients

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Classic Fishing Slideshow from guide Jeff Maggio

Get More Water Time with Captain Jeff Fishing Videos

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Stuck in an office? Get more Water Time with Captain Jeff

Monster Snook Fishing at Night with Live Bait – Lunkerdog

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Huge Monster Snook on Live Bait at Night with Captain Jeff the Lunkerdog INSTAGRAM TWITTER

Night Shrimp – Soul Shrimping at Night

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How To Cast Live Bait – Hogleg Mullet Chunk

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Best Long Casting Fishing Method MORE FISHING VIDEOS Super Long casting technique for the longest live bait beach

Extreme Jack Pride

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Mitchell conquers another sportfish, the Jack Crevalle RUN THAT DOG

Fishing Gear – Beach Fishing Backpack for Extreme Beach Fishing with a Backpack

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The best Fishing Gear. Chicago Drew shows you his beach fishing backpack. Basic Saltwater inshore backpack with leader material, hooks,

Getting Boat Showed Off The Spots – Ft Lauderdale Boat Show

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It happens every year, right in the middle of Happy Bait INSTAGRAM TWITTER Every year

Live Bait Fishing Secrets

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Captain Jeff talks about the secret of Live Bait fishing everything from Shrimp to Hogleg Mullet. Jeff doesn't understand why

Insane Neighborhood Fishing. You must see these fish!

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February Inshore Fishing Highlights

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Slideshow selects from FebruaryRUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comFACEBOOK

Jeff and David Justice Spooltek Fishing Artificial Lures

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Jeff and David Justice get a late afternoon Snook session to check out David's new Spooltek Snook Lure. Talk to

Tarpon Fishing Canals

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The Captain Jeff show. Capt Jeff talks about the correct way to feed a fish, to tie a spider hitch

Tarpon Fishing! How NOT to Set the Hook on a Tarpon

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Social Network Follow On Twitter Circle Me? Google + rel="nofollow"> Tarpon Fishing with Captain Jeff AKA The Lunker ...

INSANE Beach Shark Fishing

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TWITTER FACEBOOK Debate is on at the forums over what kind


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Boatramp Boys invade the 2007 Miami International Boat Show. Bursaman drinks about 40 beers, eats food of a mega yacht,

Most Amazing SNOOK video ever

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Like on Facebook Follow On Twitter Google Plus /> Snook off the beach. September Mullet run 2008. Fort Lauderdale Flori...

Giant Barracuda Monster Tarpon On Mullet

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Crazy downtown urban inshore fishing. Captain Jeff works all the classic spots along the new River in Fort Lauderdale. Bog

Big Jack Release

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How to release a Jack CrevalleRUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comSpecial GuestMike Grimm <a href=""

Urban River Tarpon Fishing with Hogleg Mullet – Lunkerdog

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Captain Jeff and world famous Mitchell Vitale trolling mullet up the river in Florida.MONSTER SNOOK FISHING<a href=""

SHARK ATTACK on Fish! Dont Swim In The Canals

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Dont Swim In The Canal! There Are Sharks attacking fish RUN THAT DOG FACEBOOK If

Urban Sport Fishing BIG Canal Tarpon

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Friend on Facebook This is this kids first Tarpon, the fish was

Tarpon Fishing Light Tackle Live Bait

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Like On Facebook Follow on Twitter I remember Eric put in a

BTS: TV Producer catches her first Tarpon

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Katie a TV producer catches her first tarpon RUN THAT DOG

Monster River Tarpon – Ryan Joupi – Lunkerdog

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Ryan Joupi catches a big Fort Lauderdale River Tarpon on Hogleg mullet bait. Its been a big month for Joupdog

Extreme Tarpon Fishing

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FACEBOOK How well do you think you know fishing? Well lets see how close you can

Monster Tarpon Highlight Miami Fishing Jeff Maggio

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Captain Jeff and clients jump and land a huge tarpon off of Miami BeachMORE FISHING VIDEOS <a href="" target="_blank"

This Shark is 10 Feet From The Beach in 2 Feet of Water!

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Decent shark working the bait schools real hard in 2 feet of water

Miami Beach Tarpon Action – Shrimp Life

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Big Beach Tarpon caught on a Soul ShrimpRUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comINSTAGRAM

Inshore Snook Fishing Fort Lauderdale Dave McKenzie

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Captain Jeff and Dave McKenzie late


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Snook Fishing with Captain Jeff

How Captain Jeff got his 20lb Game Back

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Huge thanks to Mike Wallace for the generosity this Christmas. A class move by a class guy re-upping Jeff's 20lb

Happy Snook Season from Captain Jeff. Seriously.

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Captain Jeff wishes everyone Happy Snook Season

What Is Salt Life? Real Salt Lifer Confessions

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The identities have been protected, their stories are Reel. INSTAGRAM VINE EXTREME INSHORE FISHING

Tarpon Fishing Inshore – Cousin Eric’s Big Day

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Amazing experience for Cousin Eric catching 2 tarpon RUN THAT DOG INSTAGRAM RELATED VIDEOS FAMILY TARPON

Reel Guy Fishing Music – Port Everglades

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Rare recording of Port Everglades by Bursaman Bursa

Best Fishing Reel 2014 Shimano Tranx TRX 500 HG

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The Shimano Tranx TRX 500 Best Reel of 2014 RUN THAT DOG TWITTER The iShimano

Snook Under Pilchard Migration – 10 Second Fishing Show

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The Fishing Show you watch on your phone. Snook Footage INSTAGRAM REAL SALT LIFER CONFESSIONS EXTREME

iCast Road Trip

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Lunkerdog hits the road INSTAGRAM DONT GO IN THE OCEAN!

Fall River Tarpon 2013

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WEBSITE http://www.runthatdog.comWe have moved on from Happy Bait, and the fish are feeding different patterns now.

Exclusive: Cast Net Video For Pilchards

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Got Bait? Best technique for netting pilchards with a cast net.

Port Everglades Jack Fishing

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Decent Jack caught on Finger Mullet in Port Everglades Fort Lauderdale

Fishing Sponsors vs FIshing Endorsements

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Captain Jeff talks about fishing sponsors RUN THAT DOG INSTAGRAM There are differences between fishing

Cast Net FAIL! Wrong Castnet.

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Its called a Christmas Tree! It

Captain Jeff Tarpon Fishing Seminar

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Captain Jeff spoke to the Sportsmen of Broward Fishing Club RUN THAT DOG TWITTER

Exotic Fishing – Ultimate Ribbon Fish Challenge

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Elusive Atlantic Ribbon Fish. Captain Jeff and his crew hunt the elusive Ribbon fish in Port Everglades. Using mullet as

Fun Fishing Inshore Tarpon on LIve Mullet

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Tarpon Fishing the river with live bait after the mullet run. Captain Jeff and his clients enjoy a change of

Reel Talk With Captain Jeff – Fin Nor Roller Bearing

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Jeff swaps the Roller Bearing in a Fin Nor Offshore RUN THAT DOG TWITTER These

Tarpon Fishing Inshore Rivers on LIve Mullet

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Tarpon Fishing the river with live bait after the mullet run. Captain Jeff and his clients enjoy a change of


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Here are the winners from the I'm So Reel Guy video contest

Monster SHARK Attacks Goliath Snook FISHING EPIC FAIL!

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Facebook Twitter Bursaman fills in for vacationing Captain Jeff. Brad's Goliath

Live Bait Sailfish Fishing Fort Lauderdale

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Drew and Captain Jeff gear up to get bait, and last weeks report.


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(SEASON ONE EPISODE 10) First season Finale of The Boat Ramp Report. Bursaman lands a serious Pacific Sailfish. FIshing Pinas

Can This Be Fixed? Fishing Rod Reel Seat

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Tackle Freaks can this loose rod seat be fixed? Thanks

Big Sailfish Fishing Captain Jeff

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Big Sailfish off of Fort Lauderdale Florida

8 Year Old Girl Throws Cast Net

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Amazing! 8 year old girl already throwing full pancake RUN THAT DOG FACEBOOK While she

Crazy Live Fishing Report Party

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Captain Jeff - Captain Jeff Live Ustream from 4/26/2010 The Lunker Report Live at

What Is Salt Life – Salt Life Confessions EP 1

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A Better Duck Studios Orignal Series INSTAGRAM

Captain Jeff Attacks Paparazzi Funny Fishing Sketch Comedy

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TMR videographer approaches Captain Jeff and asks him about a rumor that he is fishing with Bass 2 Billfish. Captain


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Ghetto Super8mm Kodachrome film montage of the Big Bursaman getting a Biscayne Bay Bonefish. The song is Senor Bonefish from

Insane Jack Crevalle Highlight

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Massive Canal Tuna caught 2014 Mullet Run in Ft Lauderdale INSTAGRAM TWITTER This is what

Rod Breaking Monster Fish

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Facebook Behind the Scenes Follow on Twitter /> Think you know how much this fish weighs? Enter your guess into the comments below the video....


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Like On Facebook Follow on Twitter Google Plus /> Boatramp Boys and Captain Jeff highlight video for 2006. Monster fish...

Tarpon Fishing Spot Stealing 2 Strokers

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Captain Jeff and the Boatramp Boy's Legendary fishing reports. In this webisode, Captain Jeff confronts Matt about creeping spots. The

Amazing Sheepshead Fishing Florida

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Captain Jeff gets serious about Sheepshead fishing. VINE INSTAGRAM DONT GO IN THE OCEAN!