You guys did it. 1,000,000 views! 1,000,000 views. No TV show, no Network, no Sponsors! Thanks to everybody that watched one or more of our videos even if you hated it and gave it thumbs down. We didnt start this to be popular or cool, its always been about one thing and one thing only! Catching big fish. Period. Sure, Oranse Taylor took some risks, and did some original comedy on the channel, but he’s been certified Lunkertard Hall of Fame since the 80’s Snook Wars.

Now we are starting off 2011 with a fresh Million views, and its only gonna get Better. Jeff did another episode with Bill Dance, yeah. Also coming soon will be a new and improved Cast Net video, this time with a new camera man!

Thanks everybody!

I encourage everybody that wants to catch bigger fish to speak out in the comments or make original videos or video responses!


Lunkerdog / Oranse

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