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OK so today we showed up with bait. Here is the situation and disclaimer. We went to a different spot to get bait. There is bait at the beach, but it is a mix of small pilchard and even smaller sardine. Not the kinda fishing we wanted to do. And thats ok. We knew where we could find the baits we needed, we got them, and brought them to the spot we wanted to fish.

The fishing was OK. As you can see we were fishing for pretty large snook, and we didn’t get one. There were some smaller snook and a few tried to eat the mullet but they were either too small or just not interested in mullet.

The first strike was a snook. The second was a snook, and the third was most likely a barracuda.

Happy bait and dont forget to post your reports in the comments of the video.


The Mullet Run

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