Captain Jeff Fishing report for the month of May. You dont think its nuts down here at the boat ramp? Watch this all the way through.

May was another epic month for Tarpon fishing in South Florida, big fish were around most of the time in both Fort Lauderdale and Miami Biscayne Bay. These big fish are weird, in Fort Lauderdale they want to eat mullet, different sizes depending on their mood, but just 30 minutes south mullet goes untouched and the Tarpon want to eat Shrimp and Crabs. Its tricky staying on top of the feeding paterns and tides, so it helps if you fish everyday. These fish move around, dont sit on spots, and you literally have to get out there and find them and use a good live biat approach when trying to figure out the window in which they are going to eat. Good luck out there and Run That Dog.


The Mullet Run

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