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Win RTD Stickers and More

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Start here

Swordfish On The Zinndog – Lunkerdog

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Captain Jeff getting some guys on a Swordfish on the Zinndog a 46 foot custom build Wesmac. INSTAGRAM

Are You Ready For Happy Bait

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Bait is Coming! SUBSCRIBE

Lunkerdog speaks to the SAIL Fishing Club

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The SAIL Fishing Club invited Captain Jeff to speak at one of their meeting, the following video is a recording

Epic Family Tarpon Snook Fishing Trip – Lunkerdog

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Action packed afternoon Snook and Tarpon Fishing with this family INSTAGRAM TWITTER Early summer and

Jet Pack Crash Landing At Boat Ramp

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Jet Pack Crash Landing. Boat Ramp Wipe Out INSTAGRAM TWITTER Its always something happening down

Shrimp Run Tarpon with REAL SHRIMP – Lunkerdog

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Tarpon fishing the shrimp run in Miami April 2015

Urban River Tarpon Fishing with Hogleg Mullet – Lunkerdog

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Captain Jeff and world famous Mitchell Vitale trolling mullet up the river in Florida.MONSTER SNOOK FISHING<a href=""

Big Game Canal Fishing with Live Bait – Lunkerdog

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Captain Jeff and world famous Mitchell Vitale trolling mullet up the river in Florida. MONSTER SNOOK FISHING

A Fishing Trip

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Looking for Sheepshead bait with Michael Wallace

Ultimate Cast Net Fishing – Sheepshead Struggle

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Looking for Sheepshead bait with Michael Wallace in the New River around downtown Fort Lauderdale. Captain Jeff Maggio is a

Captain Jeff vs. The Spot Stealers

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Captain Jeff gets a tip and him and Angelo take a ride to confront the spot stealers.


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Here are the winners from the I'm So Reel Guy video contest

Are You Serious About Fishing Bait?! – Lunkerdog

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If you are serious about catching Lunkers you are serious about bait. Respect the bait INSTAGRAM TWITTER

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Monster River Tarpon – Ryan Joupi – Lunkerdog

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Ryan Joupi catches a big Fort Lauderdale River Tarpon on Hogleg mullet bait. Its been a big month for Joupdog

Jeff Responds To YouTube Comments

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YouTube comments on Power Casting video

Classic Captain Jeff Vol. 2

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Full videos from 2007

Classic Captain Jeff Vol 1 (2006)

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Captain Jeff's Greatest Hits 2006. The first Lunkerdog fishing videos uploaded by Captain Jeff. 1. Spot Stealing Two Strokers 2. Big Snook

How To Throw A Cast Net At The Boat Ramp

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The spring mullet migration is inside, it moves through the canals and rivers. Originalone handed American ninja style cast net

Monster Jack Fishing and Tarpon Break Off

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Another Monster Jack and a little bit of a Tarpon fight that got away. Fishing for big tarpon and these

Fishing Gear – FIN NOR LETHAL – Lunkerdog

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The fishing gear has been taking a beating. The Fin Nor Lethal might have to go in for repair.

Extreme Spooling Preview – Musso’s Tarpon

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Tarpon almost spools musso. Preview, full episode soon

Blacktip Shark By Catch on Mono – Lunkerdog

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Black Tip shark bi-catch fishing for Tarpon in Miami INSTAGRAM TWITTER INSANE BEACH FISHING

The Reel Guy Podcast Episode 2 Shawn Fairbanks

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Captain Jeff fishing Podcast. Special Guest Shawn Fairbanks INSANE BEACH FISHING

March Fishing Madness – Tarpon Report

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Fishing Report for late February and Early March 2015. Tarpon trips INSTAGRAM TWITTER rel="nofollow"> INSANE BEACH FISHING

Captain Jeff Fishing Guide – Lunkerdog

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Join Captain Jeff on a fishing video journey through the magical waters of the New River in Fort Lauderdale INSTAGRAM


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Snook Fishing Video edit. Are you Reel Guy? INSTAGRAM INSANE BEACH FISHING

4 Easy Steps Is All You Need To Catch Big Fish

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Follow these 4 Easy Steps to Catch Big Fish. INSTAGRAM VINE EPIC SNOOK RELEASE target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Most Annoying Types of Fishermen – Part 1 The North Easterner

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The Most Annoying types of Fishermen. This episode is about guys from the North East, New York, Boston, Maine,

Reel Guy Podcast with Captain Jeff EP -1

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The Reel Guy Podcast with Captain Jeff. This is the first fishing podcast from the Watertime Studios. In this episode


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How Reel Guy Are You? Make a "I'm So Reel Guy" video, upload it to YouTube and share it with

Mullet Run Pod Close Up

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Close up of blacked out mullet run pod 2012 mullet migration. The Mullet migration is usually from August to November. INSTAGRAM

Cast Netting Mullet For Bait

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Cast Netting for mullet from a bridge. 7 foot 1/4 inch mesh. One handed Ninja throw

Miami Tarpon Fishing

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T-shirts in winter! Thats what Miami Tarpon fishing in February is all about. Shrimp run Tarpon fishing out of South

Fishing Gear Review – Swimming Plug

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Captain Jeff reviews real fishing gear. In this episode he reviews the bomber swimming plug. INSTAGRAM VINE href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://vi...

FISH GAME – Keeping Winter Bait Alive in Mega Bucket

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If you playing the Fishing Game The 100 Gallon Bait Bucket is Back. You cant be tossing good batches of

Fishing Secrets Revealed Using Science Words – Lunkerdog

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The Fishing Game is getting so popular. Jeff uses science to determine if the chicken and the mullet got the

Sheepshead Fishing With Shrimp FAIL

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Jeff and Drew struggle to catch a Sheepshead INSTAGRAM SUBSCRIBER BONUS Captain Jeff Commentary Audio Track - RIVER TARPON href="" target="_blank" rel="nof...

Port Everglades Jack Fishing

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Decent Jack caught on Finger Mullet in Port Everglades Fort Lauderdale

Live Mullet For Tarpon FIshing

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Mullet Migration bait. Cast Net Throw and Bucket system live well INSTAGRAM VINE Huge schools

Catch Bigger Fish By Using Bigger Baits

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Small Tarpon hooked by a client infront of the 17th St Causeway Bridge in Fort Lauderdale HUGE FISH ON

Fishing Gear – Beach Fishing Backpack for Extreme Beach Fishing with a Backpack

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The best Fishing Gear. Chicago Drew shows you his beach fishing backpack. Basic Saltwater inshore backpack with leader material, hooks,

Recycled Cast Nets Turned into Mullet Run Snatch Hook Rigs

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Recycling Old Cast Nets to make Snatch Rigs. In this video Jeff repurposes old lead weights to use as mullet

Guy Harvey Outpost – Bonfire Tournament Series Promo Stand Up

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Fishing Show Behind The Scenes

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Captain Jeff decides to Pimp Out the Watertime Studios GET SOCIAL INSTAGRAM INSTAGRAM TUMBLR

East Coast West Coast Snook Wars and Sheepshead are coming

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Jeff talks about the East vs West Snook Wars on Twitter. As temperatures drop the Sheeps head move in and

Insane Neighborhood Fishing. You must see these fish!

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This Guys Fishing Backpack Rules! The Backpack Fisherman

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We catch up with Backpack Fisherman Rick Rivers as he sports his fishing backpack while trout fishing in Flamingo. MONSTER TARPON

Live Bait Fishing Secrets

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Captain Jeff talks about the secret of Live Bait fishing everything from Shrimp to Hogleg Mullet. Jeff doesn't understand why

Game Fishing PACIFIC SAILFISH – Captain Jeff 10 Second Fishing Show

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Bursaman boats a big Pacific Sailfish with Captain Jeff. The boys took a break from teaching Fresh Water Rob how

Easiest Beach Snook Fishing CLASSIC Captain Jeff

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Snook Game Fishing. No more chicken wings! Jeff gets a keeper snook. Its hard to catch a slot snook, so

Classic Captain Jeff BOATRAMP REPORT JUNE 2006

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Another instant classic Captain Jeff Boatramp Report.MORE VIDEOS

Fishing Fails – Pro Fisherman Gets Spooled

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Did not expect to hook this beast on 12lb mono. The temperature has dropped, the big mullet have moved on,

Hey Plug Guy! Start Getting Live Bait.

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Fall Bait Migration. Typical Cast Net throw filled with finger mullet. Throw the net on the outside of the schools

Game Fishing Blue Marlin on a Wesmac Fishing Boat

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Blue Marlin big Game Fishing in Bahamas on the custom Wesmac 46 The Zinndog. Trolling for Marlin HUGE FISH ON CROWDED

Ultimate Tarpon Hookset – Lunkerdog

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Live Bait Tarpon Fishing with Captain Jeff Maggio. Back when you could still fish the hotwater canal and get great

Happy Baiter Starter Kit – Million Mullet Migration March

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This is how you Happy Bait. Captain Jeff meets Happy Baiters down at the beach. Happy Bait is what we

Fisherman Jumps off Jetty to catch a fish

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Classic Catch presents 10 Second Jetty Tarpon with Captain Jeff, In this short episode Captain Jeff jumps off the jetty


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(SEASON ONE EPISODE 10) First season Finale of The Boat Ramp Report. Bursaman lands a serious Pacific Sailfish. FIshing Pinas

Watertime Studio Update

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Jeff stops by the Watertime studio to check out the progress. If you want to be a guest on the

Watertime Studios Construction 2015 everything changes

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FIrst look at the new Watertime office and studio. Captain Jeff tries to get a construction phase walk-thru at the

Learn To Throw A Cast Net One Handed Ninja Style

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Uncut Cast Net Throwing Form Motion Video. Captain Jeff throws another pancake using the unmatched Ninja style technique. This method

Exotic Fishing – Ultimate Ribbon Fish Challenge

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Elusive Atlantic Ribbon Fish. Captain Jeff and his crew hunt the elusive Ribbon fish in Port Everglades. Using mullet as

Live Bait Tarpon Fishing Highlight Fort Lauderdale Florida

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Tarpon fishing really peaks in the half hour before and after sunset. I know there are alot of guys that

You Need To Quit Fishing With Plugs And Fish With Real Bait

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Whole canal Slap Full of Hogleg Mullet. Tail end of the 2014 Fall Mullet Migration and the interior and dead

Snook and Tarpon Fishing – Underwater Fishing Lights LIVE BAIT or FLY

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Underwater dock lights attract fish. These green led high output lights attact everything from Snook to Tarpon. Alot of fun

Snook Under Pilchard Migration – 10 Second Fishing Show

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The Fishing Show you watch on your phone. Snook Footage INSTAGRAM REAL SALT LIFER CONFESSIONS EXTREME

What Is Salt Life? Real Salt Lifer Confessions

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The identities have been protected, their stories are Reel. INSTAGRAM VINE EXTREME INSHORE FISHING

Instead of Redfish You Could Be Fishing For This

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Guide Jeff Maggio with a happy Tarpon charter INSTAGRAM VINE After the Mullet Migration, the

Monster Snook Fishing at Night with Live Bait – Lunkerdog

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Huge Monster Snook on Live Bait at Night with Captain Jeff the Lunkerdog INSTAGRAM TWITTER

Throw Your Tackle Box In The Water When You See Real Fishing

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Mitchell Vitale catches a late session Tarpon fishing the florida mullet migration for Tarpon. INSTAGRAM TWITTER

Throw a Cast Net This Way And You Will Get Bait

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One Handed Cast Net Twist Method in Slow Motion INSTAGRAM TWITTER 2014 MULLET RUN HIGHLIGHT

Big Fish Jumps In Boat – Paranormal Style

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Crazy Tarpon Jumps Right In The Boat INSTAGRAM 2014 MULLET RUN HIGHLIGHT

What Is Salt Life – True Salt Lifer Confessions

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A former Salt Lifer spills the beans INSTAGRAM TWITTER BEACH TARPON FISHING 2014

Salt Life Confessions Episode 2

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True Salt Life Confessions INSTAGRAM TWITTER http:/ 2014 MULLET RUN HIGHLIGHT

Sailfish Catch and Release – Fort Lauderdale Lunkerdog

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Captain Jeff leaders a nice afternoon Sailfish INSTAGRAM

What Is Salt Life – Salt Life Confessions EP 1

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A Better Duck Studios Orignal Series INSTAGRAM

Jeff Talks About Fishing With Andy Mill

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Jeff grew up watching Andy Mill on TV. Andy's son Nicky watches Jeff on YouTube.INSTAGRAM

How Many Reel Guides are there in Fort Lauderdale – Miami?

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Jeff tries to put a list together of all the Reel Guides CAST NET SINGLE FINGER MULLET

Insane Jack Crevalle Highlight

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Massive Canal Tuna caught 2014 Mullet Run in Ft Lauderdale INSTAGRAM TWITTER This is what

This Shark is 10 Feet From The Beach in 2 Feet of Water!

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Decent shark working the bait schools real hard in 2 feet of water

Getting Boat Showed Off The Spots – Ft Lauderdale Boat Show

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It happens every year, right in the middle of Happy Bait INSTAGRAM TWITTER Every year

How To Catch Snook – Beach Fishing Tips

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How To Catch Snook with Captain Jeff VINE INSTAGRAM Happy Bait Beach Fishing with Live

Official Jeff Calls Happy Bait (On Video)

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Jeff talks about the Happy Bait event VINE INSTAGRAM The 2014 Lunkercon Happy Bait YouTube

Snook Fishing School – How To Happy Bait For Beginners

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Serious Live Bait Circle Hooks for Fishing – Captain Jeff

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Live bait circle hooks for Snook and Tarpon. Jeff places an order for Circle Hooks and Leader for catching big

BTS Behind The Scenes 2014 Happy Bait Event

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Jeff is busy getting the event together. VINE INSTAGRAM The 2014 Happy Bait YouTube Live

SHRIMP LIFE ALLSTARS Deep Frying – Captain Jeff

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Jeff gets his Snapper Fryer VINE INSTAGRAM DONT GO IN THE OCEAN!

Amazing Sheepshead Fishing Florida

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Captain Jeff gets serious about Sheepshead fishing. VINE INSTAGRAM DONT GO IN THE OCEAN!

Braid Sporting The Movie – Best Fishing Videos

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Big Snook Fishing with Captain Jeff

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Night Snook Fishing with Timothy O'Connor INSTAGRAM VINE Captain Jeff and Timothy O'Connor doing

DIck’s Reward Points REEL GUY Rewards

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After you get 300 Points, Dicks send you a $10 Gift Certificate INSTAGRAM TWITTER We

iCast Road Trip

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Lunkerdog hits the road INSTAGRAM DONT GO IN THE OCEAN!

Captain Jeff destroys iCAST Guys (STREET VERSION)

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Captain Jeff talks about iCast INSTAGRAM TWITTER Follow Captain Jeff on Twitter for Extreme iCasting

RTD STICKERS Reel Guy Slaps on a RTD Sticker

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Mike Grimm applies his new RTD to his truck TWITTER Show the world that you Run That Dog

Extreme Peacock Bass Fishing – BONUS Blooper Jeff eats it

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Peacock Bass Fishing with Captain Shane Procell. INSTAGRAM VINE Peacock Bass Fishing with Guide Shane

Cast Netting Bait Inshore

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Cast Netting Bait for Fishing INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK Are you serious about catching bait? Because we

RTD Stickers

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Jeff mails out the first batch of RTD stickers JEFF TWITTER

Capt Hunts Shark That Attacked Human

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A Girl got bit by a Bull Shark a few Weeks Back. We plan on catching the shark that bit