Monster Snook Fishing. Fishing for big snook with light tackle and Live bait. These big snook eat in patterns. Here is a free fishing tip, the trick to catching big snook is know when they eat. You have to go out there alot to figure it out, when you wont figure it out in a few nights. You want to listen for them eating. Big Snook make loud pops when they feed on the surface. Listen for that and you not the time and tide. You will need to compensate for the official tide if you are inshore. There you go. Captain Jeff enlists Mitchell Vitale and Mike Grimm for some serious big snook fishing. The haunted spots are well known locations in the paranormal community. The locations are the sight of the Cooley Hammock Massacre and the haunted Stanahan House. Check out the local ghost books and articles for tours and backstory. The Bait was medium and hogleg mullet. The tides were high and out going.

Because I know everyone is gonna ask, here is the info deets on the featured reel. Its a discontinued model The Shimano Bantam 50. Its one of the best snook reels ever made, and its a shame they dont make them any more.

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