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How To Catch Bait – Look For Diving Pelicans

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Watch the pelicans closely. They will lead you to do the bait. Fish where there is bait but dont fish

Ultimate Live Bait Pen and Hoist

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Are you serious about bait? If you dont have a ready system in place to keep bait alive for months

Cast Net Basics- How To Look For Bait

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FOLLOW the Mullet Run on Twitters Join us on FACEBOOK PINTEREST href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://p...


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Basic Cast Net Skills for Live Bait

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Social Network Follow on Twitter Bait fishing is

Braid Fishing Line is No Good

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Watch as Jeff totally braid himself when he gets a double Tarpon hookup by himself and ends up wrapped up

Cast Net Throwing! NINJA STYLE Amazing Accuracy On Moving Fish

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More Cast Net videos Like on Facebook Why teach a

Trophy Permit Gets Sharked – SHARK WEEK

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SHARK WEEK - Fishing Miami and our Lunker Permit gets Bull Sharked. INSTAGRAM

Light Tackle Tarpon Fishing

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Decent South Beach Tarpon at the end of March 2013. Spring Break. FEATURE EPISODE Inshore Fishing BIG SNOOK FISHING

Wading For Mullet

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Like The Mullet Run on Facebook It aint easy getting bait. Are you willing to

Captain Jeff Cast Net Highlight 2012 Mullet Run

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SUBSCRIBE Best Cast Net Style Captain uses a slightly different approach when throwing cast

Mullet Run Beach Check 09 11 Mid Day 2012

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TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM: oranse Not as bad as the past few

Live Bait Fishing – Looking for Bait

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FULL EPISODE Big Snook Fishing Pre Mullet Run bait check with rare studio rehearsal recording of Lunkertard.

Cast Netting Bait – Pilchard

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Typical pilchard netful. Captain Jeff nets a bunch of pilchard VINE INSTAGRAM ULTIMATE CAST NET

The Best Salt Water Fishing Bait

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On Facebook Now! Follow on Twitter Middle of winters, cold front

New Fishing Reel Oil and Grease – Fishing Gear

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Its so cool when YouTube viewers send us stuff. THis week Steve sent us his new product Battle Bourne Oil

Sneak Preview – Mullet Run Epic

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Puppy Sees Its First Fish

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Captain Jeff's new dog Tipsy experiences Running That Dog for the first time

Beach Tarpon Fishing Battle – Lunkerdog

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Awesome Fishing Battle. Man versus Tarpon. Tarpon are one of the premier Sportfish in the World and we are lucky

Cast Netting Live Bait

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Winter pushes the bait into the inlets, waterways, and canals. MORE FISHING VIDEOS TWITTER After

Awesome Beach Fishing – Kid Catches Big Fish During Happy Bait Mullet Run

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These are the real people. The kids that are getting in their first ever Happy Bait! good friend's kid is

Best Easy Cast Net Demo – Super Slow Motion with Bait

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Follow On Twitter Facebook Google+ /> Easy Throw Method for Cast Netting Mullet. Captain Jeff uses the easy thr...

Best Cast Net Video Ever – Pilchard Bait

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Main Channel target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Greatest castnet video. Capta...

How To Live Chum Mullet

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Live chumming mullet can wake the fish up and trigger their feeding instinct. You dont need hundreds of baits, a

Monster Snook Fishing – Over Slot Snook – The Mullet Run

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Special Guest Tim OConner catches a monster snook. Well over slot. Talk to us on Social Media TWITTER

Live Bait Pilchard Fishing

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FULL EPISODE Big Snook Fishing There has been some bait around for a few weeks but now


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BEST FISHING CHANNEL Captain Jeff Cast Net Throwing. Want to get bait? Subscribe to the videos.

Mullet Run 2011 Highlight

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All that bait from last week has pretty much moved on. There are still some straggler pods around but you

Monster Tarpon Fish Battle – Musso’s Big Fish – Lunkerdog

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Musso's Reel gets smoked for about 45 minutes real time. This Tarpon had gusto. MONSTER SNOOK FISHING

Bait Fish Everywhere

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Relax with ALL BAIT. Everything from finger mullet to beat up Hogleg, with relaxing soothing ocean sounds in Stereo! MONSTER JACK

2012 Mullet Run Beach Check 09 18 Morning

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NEW INSTAGRAM! oranse TWITTER FACEBOOK Happy Bait reports started coming in

EXTREME Shark Fishing on Crowded Beach

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HOGLEG PODS – 2012 Mullet Run Highlight

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Select scenes from The 2012 Mullet Run. All Cameras Chip Mayhugh. THE MULLET RUN IS NOT OVER! href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> FULL TARPON EPISOD...

Catching Live Bait for Fishing – Captain Jeff

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FULL EPISODE Big Snook Fishing Mix of shoreline bait. Pilchard, Jacks. and Goggle Eye. Royalty Free Music by

Castnet Throwing In The Street

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Social Network Links Drew demonstrates his "Lead All In The Mouth" technique for throwing a

Snook Fishing Jetty – Live Bait

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Thirty Four Years of consecutive In-Your-Face Lunkers during Happy Bait. Captain Jeff takes full advantage of the first day of

Casting Live Bait Beach Bait Basics – The Mullet Run

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Casting a Live Mullet VINE INSTAGRAM

Bait Week – Pilchards thick on the beach.

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Main Channel target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Pilchard black out the water ...

Custom RTD Tarpon Rod Hogleg Series coming soon

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Sean Fairbanks and Captain Jeff have teamed up to produce a Custom Rod for the Reel Guy. INSTAGRAM

Lunkerdog Rod Action – King Of South Beach

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Debut of the first Lunkerdog RTD Custom Rod "The Hogleg" check out the backbone in this thing. INSTAGRAM

Fishing Tips: How to use Circle Hook on Live Bait

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FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER /> Captain Jeff Demonstrates the Red Circle Hook method of Live Bait Mullet VIDE...

Monster Snook Fishing

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Huge Snook Fishing with Captain Jeff and guest angler Mike Grimm INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK Mike Grimm


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Darin fabricates the custom parts for the Mullet Run Mobile INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK The Mullet Run

Silver Mullet Snook and Tarpon Bait

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Gotta hustle for your baits! Its


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Cast Net Video

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BEST CAST NET Video out Bait is a little tougher to get in December than it was

Millions of Fish – Mind Blown

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Once the fish come down the beach they pour in the inlets and fill up the canals. This canal was

Tarpon Fishing the Beach Mullet Run Pods Being Crashed By Tarpon in HD Slow Motion

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Incredible Mullet Run HD footage. NEW Website Royalty Free Music by

Intense Deep Sea Fishing – Huge Fish Jump

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Big Tarpon Jumps In Biscayne Bay NEW INSTAGRAM Big Fish Jumps while Deep Sea Fishing. This fish is

Best Beach Fishing You Have Ever Seen – LIve Bait For Sportfish

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Ben and his friend got this nice tarpon. Sunset session, single big pod H/T BBegovic NEW Website

This How We Eat! $150,000 Boat Ramp Fish Cleaning Station

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Cero Mackerel fishing off of Fort Lauderdale Beach. Captain Jeff Maggio and Chicago Drew face some pretty challenging situations fishing

Captain Jeff Lecture TARPON

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Captain Jeff met with the find folks from Sportsmen of Broward fishing club. The SOBs. Jeff talked about Tarpon patterns

Early 2011 Mullet Run Report

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Social Network Mullet Run ALL NEW SEASON - Subscribe | Jeff talks about

CAST NET 2012 Mullet Run Highlight – Captain Jeff

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Captain Jeff Chunks The net and gets a dozen dozens. NIGHTVISION Shark Attack UNDERWATER DOCK LIGHTS

Hona Costello and Captain Jeff Best Snook and Tarpon Fishing

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Best Snook and Tarpon videos. 2013 Year in review. Edited clips from 2013 that I could find. Song: Hona Costello

Cast Net Throw – Slow Motion

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Totally Insane Urban Fishing – 100lb fish, Cruise Ships, Speedboats

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Joupdog and his girl had an epic day getting 4 big tarpon on video. They got more off video. MONSTER SNOOK

Lil Girl Catches Fish Bigger Than She Is

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We are all very proud of her. Seriously.

Best Cast Net Method – Winter Fishing Bait

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Like On Facebook Twitter Can't find bait? How typical, Jeff of

Hardcore Cast Netting Mullet

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Main Channel target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Capt Jeff wades out onto a sa...

Winter Inshore Live Bait Fishing

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter If you enjoy our videos,

Insane Beach Fishing MUST SEE

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Craziness! Reel Guy Tim gets another huge beach tarpon. H/T Mike Grimm NEW Website Talk

tarpon fishing double hookup 2014 Mullet Run

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Eddie and Jeff on Tarpon double hook up INSTAGRAM THE BACKPACK FISHERMAN

Amazing Bait Ball Off The Beach

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Like on Facebook We live on bait! If you like fishing and are tired of

Inshore Tarpon Fishing 2013 Mullet Run

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Tarpon fishing the mullet run with live hogleg mulletNew Website http://www.runthatdog.comFlorida October the heart

Custom Lunkerdog Rod Part 2 – RTD Big Snook and Tarpon Rod

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Shawn applies the epoxy to the custom Lunkerdog fishing rod. Hogleg series. Saltwater H20 and Lunkerdog have teamed up to

Mullet Run Highlight Report 2010

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Finally we got a

Mysterious Prehistoric Fish Creature

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FACEBOOK TWITTER Rare Prehistoric Sea Monster Dinosaur fish? This fish megalops

Slow Motion Cast Net Throw | Mullet Run

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Slow Motion Highlight of the Infamous Captain Jeff Castnet style.

How To Catch Live Bait – Cast Net From Land

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How To Catch Live Bait From Land RUN THAT DOG FACEBOOK

2012 Mullet Run BAIT HIGHLIGHT

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Bait came through Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale. All Sizes. From Finger Mullet to Ultra Hogleg. Happy Bait. />NIGHTVISION SHARK ATTACK Underwater Dock Lights - TARPON Episode ...

New Cast Net Blues

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INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK http://www.facebookcom/mulletrun Jeff makes a huge error in Judgement by

Best Cast Net Technique For Mullet

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Like The Mullet Run on Facebook How to throw a castnet. Proper form

Insane Inshore Monster Fishing

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Subscribe to The Mullet Run Channel. The Premier Live Bait Channel. Cast Net Videos and Ultimate Mullet Migration coverage and

14 Busted Fishing Rods! Salt H20 Trip

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Jeff brings 14 broken fishing rods to Salt H20. NEW!! INSTAGRAM TWITTER Charter trips

Extreme Mullet Migration Fishing Bait Everywhere

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SUBSCRIBE Best Cast Net Style Captain Jeff and Rich Andrews are surrounded by bait

GIANT! Monster Sea Creature

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Mullet Run on Facebook Follow on Twitter NEW!! Pinterest rel="nofollow"> Greg caught and released this nice ...

INSANE Underwater Nightvision Fishing

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Inlet Tarpon Fishing – Florida Inshore

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TWITTER FACEBOOK TUMBLR Captain Jeff catch a Tarpon right infront fo

Beach Tarpon Are Here! 2013 Mullet Run

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Fort Lauderdale Beach. Afternoon Mullet Run session. Special thanks to Reel Guys Drew and Tim OConner. Talk to us on Social

Extreme Soul Shrimping – 2013 Shrimp Run – Soul Shrimping

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Shrimp Run 2013 Miami Beach Florida. Captain Jeff - The Lunkerdog and Mike Grimm of hit Miami Beach for

Reel Snook Fishing with Captain Jeff

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SUBSCRIBE Monster Snook Fishing with Captain Jeff. Monster Snook at night. Live Bait fishing for Snook.

How To Fish The Beach

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Captain Jeff takes advantage of the mullet run to do some fun fishing. TWITTER FACEBOOK

Easy Cast Net Throwing Technique

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Click to Tweet NEW! Facebook Page Captain Jeff style castnet

When Is Happy Bait? Well Let Me Tell Ya!

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Mullet Run bait fish Migration. They call it Happy Bait. The anual Fall migration when the bait fish swim south

Best Cast Net Spring Bait – Hogleg Mullet

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FACEBOOK TWITTER NEW! Instragram: Oranse The Inshore bait is starting to

Inlet Fishing Tips Highlight

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Facebook Twitter Click To Tweet Port Everglades

How To See Bait From The Beach

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Google Plus target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Let us know in the comments what ...

MONSTER FISH caught on Live Bait

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TWITTER FACEBOOK Fishing highlights from the 2012 Fall Mullet Run in

How To Hook Live Bait For Casting

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OFFICIAL SNOOK WEEK PLAYLIST This is the right way to hook a mullet to cast.

Winter Hogleg Bait 2013

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Captain Jeff find a decent pod of Hogleg. Winter 2013 DIRECTOR MONSTER Snook Fishing FEATURE EPISODE Inshore Fishing

Cast Netting Pilchard Bait from the Beach

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How to get bait. How to throw a cast net, Bait update. Fort Lauderdale Beach. Pilchards everywhere. Have the

Inshore Live Bait Fishing with Captain Jeff

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Social Network Twitter Mullet Run is in full effect. Would you

How To Find Snook Bait

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TWITTER FACEBOOK Canals are slapped full of prime hogleg mulletbait again, this is a

Select Bait for Split Tail Mullet

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The importance of select bait. Captain Jeff shows specific purpose for each size mullet. The Hogleg mullet will be used

SUPREME Happy Bait – Sabiki Pilchard

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Happy Bait is in full effect as there are miles of pilchards VINE INSTAGRAM All

Cast Net Throwing Highlight 2012 Mullet Run

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Mullet Run Report 2010 Fort Lauderdale

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Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Highlights from fishing the

Incredible Mullet Migration Footage – Insane Jumping Fish

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Awesome Mullet Run Migration Footage Share this video on your social networks. FACEBOOK TWITTER PINTEREST

Captain Jeff Pre Christmas (Full Episode)

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Captain Jeff and Mitchell scouting the river and it totally sucksINSTAGRAM week of