Every real Lunkerdog knows when he leaves his house if he can or cannot get a dozen select baits. What does that even mean? It means you need to get serious about catching bait. It means you do whatever it takes to get enough select baits. There is no point in even going fishing if you aren’t going to use the right baits? If you are into plugs or just buying frozen cut bait, this web series is not for you. This is about LIVE BAIT fishing for big Snook and Tarpon. Period.

If you are still reading, you must be commited to catching big fish. Its as simple as that. You wanna catch big fish? You gotta figure out what the big ones are eating. For example, its not always Hogleg. It just seems that way cause we tend to film more videos with Hogleg for the camera. But there are plenty of times when we are using smaller baits too. Silver mullet, finger mullet, pilchard, sardine, everything. And thats the point of knowing if you can or cannot get a dozen select baits before you go fishing. If the big fish are eating pilchards, and we cant catch pilchards. Thats a problem. Im usually not wasting my time trying to fish with baits that nothing is eating.

Instead of asking people how the fishing has been, we ask each other how the bait has been. Its true, if the bait has been good, chances are the fishing has been good as well, but if the bait is lousy, its a lock that the fishing will be bad.

Its not the way we roll, its how we reel.


Lunkerdog U

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