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Crazy Fishing Bait – Mullet Migration

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Crazy fish migration following the coastal effects of Hurricane Sandy. Finger canal in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Mullet Run 2012 BREAKING NEWS!

Inlet Tarpon Fishing – Florida Inshore

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TWITTER FACEBOOK TUMBLR Captain Jeff catch a Tarpon right infront fo

Supreme NINJA STYLE Cast Net Throw

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Captain Jeff gets buckets in Fort Lauderdale Florida during the 2012 Mullet Run. Learn how to throw a cast net

Bait Fish Everywhere

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Relax with ALL BAIT. Everything from finger mullet to beat up Hogleg, with relaxing soothing ocean sounds in Stereo! MONSTER JACK

Incredible TARPON Fishing Jump Off Rocks to Catch Fish

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Captain Jeff catches another fish right in everybody's face. 2012 Mullet Tun POA spot Fort Lauderdale Beach afternoon session. The

Extreme Mullet Migration Fishing Bait Everywhere

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SUBSCRIBE Best Cast Net Style Captain Jeff and Rich Andrews are surrounded by bait

CAST NET 2012 Mullet Run Highlight – Captain Jeff

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Captain Jeff Chunks The net and gets a dozen dozens. NIGHTVISION Shark Attack UNDERWATER DOCK LIGHTS

2012 Mullet Run BAIT HIGHLIGHT

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Bait came through Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale. All Sizes. From Finger Mullet to Ultra Hogleg. Happy Bait. />NIGHTVISION SHARK ATTACK Underwater Dock Lights - TARPON Episode ...

2012 Mullet Run CHUNK – Finger Mullet

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JOIN ON PINTEREST Captain Jeff tosses the 7ft net on a school of finger mullet. /> NIGHTVISION SHARK ATTACK GREEN DOCK LIGHTS - Tarpon Episode ...

Snook Fishing Jetty – Live Bait

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Thirty Four Years of consecutive In-Your-Face Lunkers during Happy Bait. Captain Jeff takes full advantage of the first day of

Funny Reaction to Chucks World BREAKING MULLET NEWS

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Watch BREAKING MULLET NEWS here SUB Chucks Channel Captain Jeff reacts

HOGLEG PODS – 2012 Mullet Run Highlight

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Select scenes from The 2012 Mullet Run. All Cameras Chip Mayhugh. THE MULLET RUN IS NOT OVER! href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> FULL TARPON EPISOD...

Yo! It Aint Over! 2012 Mullet Run 10 10 12

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I dont know what the hell everybody is saying its over for. The temperature hasn't even dropped a single degree.

Mysterious Prehistoric Fish Creature

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FACEBOOK TWITTER Rare Prehistoric Sea Monster Dinosaur fish? This fish megalops

Sneak Preview – Mullet Run Epic

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Cast Net Throwing Highlight 2012 Mullet Run

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Beach Check 2012 Mullet Run Lunch Time

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