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Happy Bait Everybody. This is it. This isnt full blown “Mullet Run” yet but this is what we call “Pre-Pod” and while its not as intense as the mullet run, its still alot of fun if you know how to do it right. We want to catch Snook. There are alot of fun fish out there in the bait balls, like Bluefish and blue runners, jacks, and barracudas but we pretty much just want to catch lunker snook. We fish small baits very close to the shore. As you can see in the video the fresher the bait the better. Use a small hook, and make sure your knots are good and small. If you look on the real, thats straight monofiliment to flourocarbon leader. Thats it. No Snaps, no swivels. The knot is an Albright. Get good at it. Its all about how light can you go to make the bait swim as natural as possible.

Only two baits! Of course they were Prime Baits, fresh caught and used. Thats why you dont want to try to keep a whole bucket of live pilchards when you can catch bait right on the fishing spot. Two pilchards stay alive way better in a 5 gallon bucket than a few dozen. Snook are very particular about the live bait they hit. So bait selection is important.

Amazing Snook Fishing Video

Incredible Bait Migration

MUST SEE!! Snook Fishing Tip

Easy Throw Castnet Video

Ok so now some info on the beach and conditions. Its been raining, but it didnt rain this afternoon. There were pelicans diving up and down the beach, so Im pretty sure its similar all along the coast. Low incoming tide. Or was it high incoming. If you have read this much, leave a comment saying as much on the Channel Page

We got no Sponsors We Got No TV Show. Alot of the TV Fisherman just dump episodes on YouTube. We make you ORIGINAL CONTENT for people that love to fish. It helps if you rate, favorite, comment, and share the videos. Thanks for watching


SONG: Stealth Groover

Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”



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