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Look Before You Go In The Ocean!

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Don't Swim In The Ocean INSTAGRAM


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Snook Fishing with Captain Jeff

Super Slow Motion Cast Net Throw

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See how to throw a castnet in super slowmotion INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK One of the best

How To Throw A Cast Net

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Captain Jeff gets a decent chunk on some early June Mullet INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK Bait is

Saltwater Deep Sea Fishing Night Action

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Saltwater Tarpon Fishing. We were all proud of Wallace RUN THAT DOG INSTAGRAM Tarpon Fishing

2006 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Highlights

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The BOATRAMP BOYS show up at the 2006 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Bursaman drinks beer and cuts the bathroom

Best Fishing Live Bait Bucket System! Pilchard and Mullet

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Do you have Bucket Pride? NEW INSTAGRAM!!! Good Kayak Bait system. DONT GO IN THE OCEAN!

Amazing Ugly Stik Combo Saga

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Jeff Lost His Combo, Then He Got It Back The Snook starting hitting and a client placed Jeff's new Ugly Stik

New In House Bait 100 Gallon Live Well delivered by 18 Wheeler

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18 Wheeler drops of Jeff's new Live well Run That Dog INSTAGRAM INSTAGRAM FISHING VIDEOS

Cooking Fish: Best Eating Snapper – Mangrove Snapper

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Captain Jeff feeds his family, the right way.

Tarpon Fishing – Girl Catches Nice Tarpon – Miami Beach

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Florida Tarpon Fishing with Captain Jeff Maggio NEW INSTAGRAM TWITTER Subscribe to The Mullet Run

This Fish Cleaning Video Is Very Well Shot

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How Many Beers Does Bass Guy Drink On A Tarpon Trip

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Took a Real Bass Guy out for a Tarpon Trip. RUN THAT DOG

Fishing Gear Update – New Combos and Braid Topshotting

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Captain Jeff talks about the new combos for clients. DIRECTOR CHANNEL

How To Hook A Live Bait Fish

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This is the proper way to Hook a Live Bait for fishing

WaterTime Biscayne Bay Tarpon Fishing Video

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Select Watertime moments from a Biscayne Bay Tarpon Highlight. CAPTAIN JEFF WEB TWITTER Tarpon fishing with

Fishing Line: How Fresh Is Your Mono?

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Just because you bought fishing line new doesnt mean its fresh. RUN THAT DOG INSTAGRAM

BAITCASTERS are Back!!! 2014 Choosing a Fishing Reel

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The Baitcaster in back for 2014 RUN THAT DOG Its true, Bait Casters are back in fashion for

Miami Beach Tarpon Action – Shrimp Life

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Big Beach Tarpon caught on a Soul ShrimpRUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comINSTAGRAM

Captain Jeff Lunker Report April 2014

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Fishing has really been hit or miss for the most part this spring, and hardly any consistancies. Tarpon have been

Build Your Own Fishing Combo

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Sometimes Off-The-Rack just wont cut it. RUN THAT DOG INSTAGRAM CAPTAIN JEFF WEB TWITTER

Can This Be Fixed? Fishing Rod Reel Seat

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Tackle Freaks can this loose rod seat be fixed? Thanks

Tarpon Fishing Florida For Noobs – WaterTime

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Fishing Sponsors vs FIshing Endorsements

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Captain Jeff talks about fishing sponsors RUN THAT DOG INSTAGRAM There are differences between fishing

Tarpon Fishing Inshore – Cousin Eric’s Big Day

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Amazing experience for Cousin Eric catching 2 tarpon RUN THAT DOG INSTAGRAM RELATED VIDEOS FAMILY TARPON

Featured Reel Guy – WALLACE

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Wallace is a reel guy, that gets dozens. Thats what reel guys do. They get dozens.

8 Year Old Girl Throws Cast Net

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Amazing! 8 year old girl already throwing full pancake RUN THAT DOG FACEBOOK While she

Tim Wade Cast Net Unboxing

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Jeff got 2 new nets from Time Wade RUN THAT DOG FACEBOOK Tim Wade makes

Winter Snook Fishing

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Snook Fishing with Captain JeffRUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comFACEBOOK snook

SHARK ATTACK JACK Dont Swim In The Canals

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Dont Swim In The Canal! There Are Sharks.RUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comFACEBOOK<br

SHARK ATTACK on Fish! Dont Swim In The Canals

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Dont Swim In The Canal! There Are Sharks attacking fish RUN THAT DOG FACEBOOK If


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Miami Style Soul Shrimping RUN THAT DOG FACEBOOK Most Bait and Tackle shops buy their

Get More Water Time with Captain Jeff Fishing Videos

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Stuck in an office? Get more Water Time with Captain Jeff

Pro Fishing Tip – Get More Watertime

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Fishing Tips Get more Water Time with Captain Jeff RUN THAT DOG FACEBOOK Are you

Captain Jeff Fishing Show Ep. 592

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Miami Gardens TarponRUN THAT DOG

Tarpon Fishing Talk with Captain Jeff

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Captain Jeff talks about Miami Gardens Tarpon RUN THAT DOG FACEBOOK Captain Jeff took his


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This is not how to do successful shark fishin RUN THAT DOG FACEBOOK These guys

Fun Sized Tarpon on Live Bait

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These Little Tarpon are alot of fun to catchRUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comFACEBOOK <a href="" target="_blank"

PROMO: Captain Jeff on BASS 2 BILLFISH This Week!

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Set Your DVRs Captain Jeff is this weeks guest Captain on Bass 2 Billfish on NBC Sports Outdoors. Monday 2/24

Bare Handed Sailfish Grab

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Captain Jeff Grab Sailfish Bill Bare HandedRUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comFACEBOOK

February Inshore Fishing Highlights

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Slideshow selects from FebruaryRUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comFACEBOOK

Inshore Jack Fishing

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Winter Inshore Jack FishingRUN THAT DOG

Winter Tarpon Fishing Miami Florida

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Charter Highlight Tarpon Fishing Miami Beach RUN THAT DOG

How To Cast Live Bait – Hogleg Mullet Chunk

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Best Long Casting Fishing Method MORE FISHING VIDEOS Super Long casting technique for the longest live bait beach

Deadly River Barracuda with Mitchell

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Great Barracuda FIshing with Mitchell

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How To Bow To A Tarpon

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Getting a hook into a Tarpon and getting it to stay hooked is one of the most difficult things to

30 Fishing Guides, one Ramp

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Office Depot hired 30 Guides for the their Corporate Executives, Jeff was included in that cattle call.

What Kind Of Shark Is This?

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What species of Shark? Vote in the comments. RUN THAT DOG Alot of guys are catching these on

PVC Fishing Rod Holders

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Captain Jeff needs new rod holders

GPS or Fishfinder? Lowrance Elite 5

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Captain Jeff Sports his new Lowrance Elite 5 RUN THAT DOG TWITTER Let us know

reality show sizzle reel

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This is not the show we want to make, this was a network that wanted a show and they didnt

reality show sizzle reel

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This is not the show we want to make, this was a network that wanted a show and they didnt

Reel Talk with Captain Jeff – Penn Saltiga

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Fishing Reel Lubrication – Lunkerdog

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Proper maintenance will help your fishing reel from malfunctioning because of neglect. RUN THAT DOG TWITTER

Reel Talk With Captain Jeff – Fin Nor Roller Bearing

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Jeff swaps the Roller Bearing in a Fin Nor Offshore RUN THAT DOG TWITTER These

Inshore River Jack Fishing using Live Shrimp for Bait in Miami Florida

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Releasing a decent Jack in the New River RUN THAT DOG The Jack Crevalle is one of the

Proper Snook Release

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How to release a snook the right wayRUN THAT DOG

Big Jack Release

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How to release a Jack CrevalleRUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comSpecial GuestMike Grimm <a href=""

Winter Tarpon Fishing

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Winter Tarpon Fishing Florida - All Year Action INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK <a

Winter Tarpon Fishing Fort Pierce Florida

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INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK Paradise. Captain Jeff's charter

Single Mullet Cast Netting

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Some times all it takes is just one RUN THAT DOG BIG FISH ALMOST PULLS KID IN

Inshore Snook Fishing – Live Shrimp Bait

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Kid catches his first Snook RUN THAT DOG TWITTER Light Tackle live bait snook fishing

Night Shrimp – Soul Shrimping at Night

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BTS: TV Producer catches her first Tarpon

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Katie a TV producer catches her first tarpon RUN THAT DOG

Captain Jeff Viewer Mail

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Jeff reads select fan mail from around the globe RUN THAT DOG TWITTER

Rare Captain Jeff Cast Net Fail Video

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This is the video that has everyone talking RUN THAT DOG

Captain Jeff Tarpon Fishing Seminar

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Captain Jeff spoke to the Sportsmen of Broward Fishing Club RUN THAT DOG TWITTER

Ultimate Night Snook with Spooltek Lure

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Night Snook fishing with Captain David Justice and his Spooltek Lure.RUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comTWITTER <a

Ultimate Night Snook with Spooltek Lure

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Night Snook fishing with Captain David Justice and his Spooltek Lure. RUN THAT DOG TWITTER

Extreme Jack Pride

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Mitchell conquers another sportfish, the Jack Crevalle RUN THAT DOG

Night Tarpon Fishing

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Night Tarpon FishingRUN THAT DOG http://www.runthatdog.comNight Tarpon Fishing is awesome. Its not nearly as

Big Snook Fishing Night Time Live Bait

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Monster Night Snook Fishing with Captain Jeff. Catching big snook at night on live bait. Sporting 12lb class tackle makes

Inshore Tarpon Fishing – Shrimp Life Winter 2014

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The fall mullet run is in the rear view mirror and we are now focused on an entirely different water

This Guy Catches a Dinosaur Fish…. And He Lets It Go

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The fall mullet run is in the rear view mirror and we are now focused on an entirely different water

Big Snook Fishing – Fort Lauderdale Florida

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Big Snook fishing with live Mullet. RUN THAT DOG INSTAGRAM Winter snook can be

Classic Guide Slideshow Snook and Tarpon Clients

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Classic Fishing Slideshow from guide Jeff Maggio

How Captain Jeff got his 20lb Game Back

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Huge thanks to Mike Wallace for the generosity this Christmas. A class move by a class guy re-upping Jeff's 20lb

Captain Jeff is all about Mobile

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Your new mobile devices and smartphones are a great way to watch the content so be sure your are logged

Merry Christmas Fishing Video from BDS

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Merry Christmas everybody!More Fishing Videos


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If your bait is more important than your beer, like this video. Run that dog. More Fishing Videos

Monster Tarpon Highlight Miami Fishing Jeff Maggio

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Captain Jeff and clients jump and land a huge tarpon off of Miami BeachMORE FISHING VIDEOS <a href="" target="_blank"

Capt Jeff Show – Rickys Back at the Ramp

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Ricky the rivertard is back at the ramp. Sketch Comedy / Fishing Report

Tarpon Fishing Inshore Rivers on LIve Mullet

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Tarpon Fishing the river with live bait after the mullet run. Captain Jeff and his clients enjoy a change of

Fun Fishing Inshore Tarpon on LIve Mullet

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Tarpon Fishing the river with live bait after the mullet run. Captain Jeff and his clients enjoy a change of

Thanksgiving Weather Outlook

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WEBSITE http://www.runthatdog.comINSTAGRAM blowing 40! Severe rip tides, with temps dipping into

Fall River Tarpon 2013

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WEBSITE http://www.runthatdog.comWe have moved on from Happy Bait, and the fish are feeding different patterns now.

Sea Fishing 2013 Live Bait Captain Jeff

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WEBSITE We have moved on from Happy Bait, and the fish are feeding different patterns now. They

Extreme Fishing Hat Sporting

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The real truth on Fishing Hats from Captain Jeff

Captain Jeff Attacks Paparazzi Funny Fishing Sketch Comedy

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TMR videographer approaches Captain Jeff and asks him about a rumor that he is fishing with Bass 2 Billfish. Captain

Best Fishing Reel 2014 Shimano Tranx TRX 500 HG

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The Shimano Tranx TRX 500 Best Reel of 2014 RUN THAT DOG TWITTER The iShimano

Reel Guy Fishing Music – Port Everglades

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Rare recording of Port Everglades by Bursaman Bursa

Fun Tarpon Fishing Miami Florida

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Tarpon Fishing Fort Pierce Haunted Lighthouse with Mike Grimm and Tim O Conner. South Florida Tarpon Guide Jeff Maggio fishing

Fishing Update Report w bonus Reality Footage

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Captain Jeff talks about last nights trip and the current situation. BONUS Captain Dave McKenzie on the call in phone.

Jeff and David Justice Spooltek Fishing Artificial Lures

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Jeff and David Justice get a late afternoon Snook session to check out David's new Spooltek Snook Lure. Talk to

Happy Snook Season from Captain Jeff. Seriously.

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Captain Jeff wishes everyone Happy Snook Season

Sabiki Rigging

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If one Sabiki Rig doesnt work, try a different one. They got red ones, green ones, and everything else. With

Swivel Guys? C’mon! – Captain Jeff

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FULL EPISODE Big Snook Fishing There are guys that arent comfident in their knots, so they use

Captain Jeff Intro Video

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FULL EPISODE Big Snook Fishing Real fishing videos made by Real Guys. Subscribe for more fishing videos. Follow

Beach Fishing Bait Tip – Captain Jeff

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FULL EPISODE Big Snook Fishing Jeff discusses the inherent differences between a Happy Baiter and a Reel